Video conferencing

PCCW Video Conferencing can involve multiple locations and video-conference systems on IP, ISDN and PSTN platforms. This enables real-time, multi-party video conferencing with colleagues and business associates around the world via a virtual network. The solution is an ideal way of facilitating a range of worldwide corporate events and functions such as training, business meetings, interviews and product launches.

Who needs it?

  • Customers who demand instant, face-to-face interaction and discussion
  • Customers who require point-to-point or multi-point video conferencing
  • Customers who use or interact with different platforms, such as IP, ISDN and PSTN, in different locations
  • Customers who have neither the equipment nor suitable venue for video conferencing

Our solution suits your differing business needs:

  1. Worldwide studio reservation service
    • Suitable for customers with neither conferencing equipment nor suitable venue
  2. Multi-point video conferencing
    • Suitable for customers without multi-point video conference system capability


  • Unparalleled quality
    • Dedicated line and carrier-grade equipment guarantee seamless connectivity for this video-conferencing service
  • Unlimited number of conferencing participants
    • Any number of people can join a conference call during the period booked
  • Takes the hassle out of hiring equipment or venue
    • A one-stop solution available at partner hotels and more than 300 business centers worldwide for all kinds of corporate events
  • Flexible video-conferencing configuration and connectivity
    • Compatible with a host of protocols including IP, ISDN and PSTN
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