Video conferencing equipment
PCCW offers a complete range of video-conferencing solutions enabling customers to meet and collaborate in varying group sizes and throughout multiple locations. Get the latest details on promotions and offers from your PCCW account manager. Click here to know more about video conferencing services.
For video
meeting use

LifeSize Passport with Focus

  • Collaborate with your colleagues, customers and partners via the best video and audio experience
  • Solution for personal use and small rooms
  • Run on LAN/WAN, Internet, IPNet (PCCW video conferencing network designed for enterprises), bandwidth utilization at only 1Mbps for 30 frames per second

Polycom QDX6000

  • Delivers high-quality DVD-resolution video and CD-quality audio
  • Bundle with content sharing (H.239) – people+content IP
  • Excellent audio and call clarity with Polycom Siren™ 14 audio and Polycom StereoSurround™ technology

For multipoint
meeting use
(up to 4 points)

Tandberg Edge 95

Supports 4 multipoint meetings requiring HD video quality with option to connect via ISDN:

  • Connects up to 4 sites
  • HD video quality
  • NPP content sharing
  • True CD-quality audio and stereo
For multipoint
meeting use
(up to 6 points)

Lifesize Room

Cost-effective, feature-rich solution supports up to 6 multipoint meetings with HD video quality for executives:

  • Integrated 6-way Full HD MCU
  • Unparalleled quality, especially with low availability of bandwidth
  • True HD at 1280x720, 30fps


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