Audio conferencing

PCCW Audio Conferencing comprises a wide range of solutions that connect multiple telephone users anywhere with a virtual network, enabling them to talk to one another in voice meetings. By connecting via a single number and password, you can enjoy multi-party audio conferencing around the world without having to invest in hardware.

Who needs it?

  • Customers who require multi-party conferencing
  • Customers who engage in frequent or occasional meetings with local or overseas parties
  • Customers who require real-time exchanges of views and opinions
  • Customers who need to record an audio conference for future reference or training

Types of audio conferencing

Private Plus An on-demand, self-activated audio-conferencing service.

NEW! MeetingConnect Mobile Assistant – a SINGLE button to join conferences via your mobile device.
Scheduled DIY A self-service conferencing call with booking confirmation.
Scheduled operator A live operator assists throughout the conference.
Scheduled host A customer service manager will be assigned to manage the entire audio conference.

PCCW Audio Conferencing usage at a glance

Types of audio conferencing
  Private Plus Scheduled DIY Scheduled operator Scheduled host
Dialing method Dial-in & Dial-out Dial-in Dial-in & Dial-out Dial-in & Dial-out
Booking No Yes Yes Yes
Passcode Permanent One-off One-off One-off
Business nature Small group discussion Event/seminar
  • Dial-in: Conference participants can dial in using the call-in number to establish a conference

    NOW you can use the 400 International Toll-Free Service in mainland China to join HK conferences with your mobile

  • Dial-out: A PCCW operator will dial out to all participants to establish a conference


  • Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality
    • Advanced network and facilities enable conference calls with the best voice quality, regardless of geographical boundaries
    • Eliminates degradation of voice quality common in traditional 3-way conferences
  • Unlimited number of conferencing participants
    • Any number of people can join a conference call during the period booked
  • Cost saving and quick deployment
  • Quick service deployment saves preparation time for a multi-party conference and eliminates travel costs
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