Video Conferencing

Frequently asked questions:

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  1. Visual communications facilitate tighter bonds of trust between individuals in a meeting. Research shows that subtle visual cues we display during conversation actually communicate more than 50% of the important information that’s not conveyed just by tone of voice.
  2. Your choice depends on which best meets your needs. Certain systems need to be installed in conference rooms for group meetings, whereas desktop solutions can be installed for executive use or for frequent business travellers. Telepresence tools that simulate the personal “touch and feel” of joining a conference provide the best like-being-in-the-same-room experience. Most meetings are conducted with the aid of PowerPoint presentations, so a system with the capacity to share electronic presentations and files is indispensable. If video quality is important, resolution and bandwidth should be considered together. Most PCCW systems are able to deliver HD quality, while some reach 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second for optimum visual clarity.
  3. Video conferencing is a real-time communications service using electronic equipment and network systems that connect participants in multiple geographic locations, utilizing both visual images and the spoken word. Video conferencing can take place between two locations (point-to-point video conferencing) or multiple (three or more) locations, known as a Multipoint conferencing.
  4. Video conferencing can make meetings far more productive, saving you time and travel costs.
  5. No limit. A single conference can be connected easily with 20 or more video locations, though it is mandatory for all parties to run on ISDN or a true IP setup for this video-conferencing service to function effectively.
  6. PCCW provides a multi-point, cross-platform video-conferencing service to connect you and your business associates around the world.
  7. Yes, PCCW offers a worldwide studio reservation service for customers who do not have video-conferencing equipment or a venue. A worldwide network of more than 300 business centers and hotels with complete video-conferencing facilities provides an extraordinary conferencing experience.
  8. Yes, PCCW can set up audio conferencing to link telephone participants to a video conference.
  9. Reserving a video-conferencing studio is easy. All you need do is:
  10. Please contact PCCW technical support on 2607 8833 for immediate assistance.
  11. Yes, PCCW provides a conference-recording service. Or if you require assistance from our operator throughout the conference, a VIP monitoring service would be made available to you.
  12. Yes, PCCW video-conferencing service supports file or application sharing during the conference.
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