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Frequently asked questions:

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  1. PCCW On-Line Show is a web-conferencing product powered by Microsoft© Office Live Meeting that can make your conference calls more interactive and engaging. You can select from a range of convenient meeting features, from small working sessions to large online presentations that meet your conference needs, regardless of the size of the group involved.
  2. With PCCW On-Line Show you can:
    • Deliver a presentation to anyone, anywhere – securely and reliably
    • Conduct a live, interactive software demonstration
    • Allow anyone in the meeting to view, annotate or edit any document online
    • Share any application on your system or share the entire desktop
    • Take participants on a web tour
    • Record and save a copy of your sessions
  3. Powered by Microsoft® Office Live Meeting, this real-time communications platform provides 99.99% uptime availability and always-on SSL encryption. Moreover, PCCW owns and operates a highly-meshed voice and data network with full redundancy and backed by a Service Level Agreement that guarantees high standards of performance and uptime.
  4. Two key aspects are:
    • Encryption – all data is transmitted using advanced Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to help prevent unauthorized interception. All presentation slides are stored in the Live Meeting Data Center and encrypted with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology. SSL connects to a live meeting data center using HTTPS (HTTP Secure) protocol, which encrypts data sent via that connection.
    • Authentication – each connection to the database and file servers is authenticated separately with authorized On-Line Show IDs and passwords.
  5. The customer’s PC needs no special software. Anyone can participate in On-Line Show using just a PC, an Internet connection and a telephone. However, if you want to use all interactive features in a meeting, you must install a Windows-based console.
  6. PCCW On-Line Show provides you with a host of interactive tools that enable presenters to convey messages, with thoughts and feedback from attendees, in a small collaborative environment or large event setting.
    • PowerPoint viewer
    • Application and desktop sharing
    • Remote control and assistance
    • Whiteboards
    • Text slides
    • Web slides
    • Real-time polls
    • Annotations
    • Chat
    • Question manager
    • Seating chart and mood indicator
  7. PCCW On-Line Show can support up to 1,000 participants in a single meeting.
  8. Yes. All presentation materials and activities in On-Line Show, including audio, text and pictures, can be recorded.
  9. PCCW On-Line Show is able to capture everything in the meeting including live audio, demonstrations, annotations, notes and visuals – even live web slides. Recordings are hosted automatically from the web conferencing service, making them instantly available at the click of a mouse. The recorded conference can be viewed with Microsoft® Windows Media Player.
  10. Both the number of files and file size are unlimited for uploading.
  11. This feature provides the convenience of reusing presentations after they are uploaded, saving the leader time and effort. Leaders have the option to delete presentation content at any time or set up automatic deletion of presentations using a content expiry feature.
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