Audio Conferencing

Frequently asked questions:

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  1. Three or more participants are linked together in a telephone call, with all parties able to hear one another and engage in interactive discussion.
  2. Sure. All you need is an ordinary telephone with no special equipment.
  3. No limit. A single conference can be held with less than 12 participants. However, it is possible to link hundreds of participants simultaneously, with some interaction, while others just listen.
  4. Yes. However, audio quality can be affected. Issues such as dropped calls, echo, buzzing sounds or low voice levels can disrupt a conference.
  5. Once you register and submit a booking form with conference details, you will receive a confirmation email containing passcodes and a dial-in number. You can start the conference at your scheduled time.
  6. Yes, you can call our conferencing service hotline on 2607 8833 or email
  7. The conference leader (initiator) will be billed for all charges including actual minutes of usage on port, toll free, IDD, additional features and cancellation charges.
  8. PCCW offers a range of value-added features, which include recording to MP3 link, digital recording and storage, complete facts (summary of participants’ names, call durations and phone numbers), Qs & As and polling sessions.
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