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Conference features (available for Scheduled Operator and Scheduled Host conferences only)

1. Standard features
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Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Services are subject to terms and conditions.
  2. Conferencing booking service is available 24/7. Customers should book audio conferences 1 hour in advance.
  3. The conference leader will be billed for all charges (including port charges, toll free charges and feature charges), please refer to the Price Table for more details.
  4. Audio Conference cancellation charge (applies to ALL scheduled calls) is HK$250 for 'no show', call cancelled or rescheduled within 15 minutes of the reserved
    start time.
C. Customer agreement

I, on behalf of my company specified above, wish to order PCCW Conferencing services supplied by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, ("HKT") and confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and my company agrees to be bound by those terms and conditions once this order has been accepted by HKT. My company acknowledges and agrees that HKT has no obligation whatsoever to accept this order. All information provided by me for and on behalf of my company is true, complete and accurate.

You are recommended to keep a hard copy of submitted information for your further reference.